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Thoughts on the opening of the exhibition “Jazz in color and form” of Hans Salomon-Schneider, Bamberg.

By County Cultural Affairs Gisela Lang M.A.

When I asked during the preparation of the exhibition by Hans Salomon-Schneider after the motivations for his artistic activity, there is first the desire of the creative process and then we talked about the tones, the colors and kind of music he likes (he plays also the violin as a amateur). Principal he is spurred to his paintings especially by hearing jazz music and I asked him to produce a compilation of his most listened titles while he´s working.

You can hear the titles after listening to our words. Surprising to me was the wide range of this remarkable variety including musicians like: from Titi Winterstein (gipsy style), Enrique Morente (spanish flamenco), Herbie Hancock (the famous..), Baden Powell (samba and bossa nova), Celula New York City (former the “houseband” of jazz club Bamberg, now in NYC – bebop, funk+latin style), Weather Report (with the great Joe Zawinul), to Miles Davis.

And even more surprising – or perhaps not – was then, that some of the currently named arise even in the image titles again, such as in the pun “5 Miles to Natalie” (H.S.-S. heard only music of Miles Davis during the work on this picture). Or “For Lazlo, Steve and Celula NYC”. Hans Salomon-Schneider gives you some more information to the origin of his works at the end of my introduction.

Personally, I’ve been subjected to the experiment and made “my own thoughts” to individual works, which is of course subjective. Maybe you want to try, too, and thereby discover in the pictures, what distinguishes them: a straightforward, yet playful approach to the subject, an almost childlike joy in getting inspiration, a careful groping of materials, colors and shapes through a sensitive artist, who says of himself: “Concerning ​​the area of ideas i like to work intuitively. In the execution, depending on the complexity are thinking through, preparatory studies and the craft side of importance. ”

This reminds of course back to the music. Especially to so-called improvised jazz, which is in a lively exchange with the other instrumentalists and listeners and here find his fans.

And a determined place-like comparison: like Miles Davis, who imputes the jazz music history a total of five revolutions, refuses classifications of his styles, also Hans Salomon-Schneider does it. Always travels in search of new design possibilities, themes and forms of presentation. There come hieroglyphic detail forms and mocked and distorted texts used as informative image content with twinkle in his eye, sometimes malicious ulterior motives on the tableau. He translates a neighborhood dispute into a play of numbers and words with comedy wit. And an encyclopedia text deepens a strange, kind of mystical picture. And if there is a solar eclipse, there is no longer hold for the creative desire. What comes out is a black and white sculpture with colored bulbs with a serious-ironical expression.

Let yourself be seduced by “JAZZ in COLOR and FORM”, give yourself the pleasure of look, fathom lines of words, decrypt the messages and symbols and “listen” quietly into the works of Hans Salomon-Schneider !

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