Primal fears, primal needs, desire for freedom of the ego (or human being) often lead to the artist (are themes of him). The Installation Auto-Bio-Graphics (in german the word for car is Auto, means self…play on words: autobiographic…) represents a particularly ingenious and persuasive work. The title – deliberately divided into three parts – shows an upside-child – which is turning in a playpen. On the ground, a toy car is trying to break out, knocking against limits again and again and trying a different approach, but the results lead just not into freedom, can not lead. The urge of the child – but also of the people as a whole – for freedom, for infinity, individuality and mobility – it can hardly be better illustrated! That the whole is going not without – often awkward – setbacks, often at the expense of others, it refers the car that pushes again and again. That even a symbol of mobility can not exceed a certain fixed predetermined clearance – that there are only limited, not unlimited possibilities.

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The theme of autocar-speed-freedom-limitation Salomon-Schneider will revisit in his installation Please do not feed. An imprisoned plush monkey in a car tire, on which a leaping hare is powered by a whipping man. Speed ​​- this is the hare and the tire – mobility that today can not fast enough to take place, at the same time options clamped in conventions and perceived not as freedom but as a new corset. This topic is implemented in subtle’s medium of art. The fundamental of human existence in our days is not visualized in somber colors, but done in bright, colorful paintings, collages and installations.

The collage paintings are silent – hardly less loudly and insistently. The image Hasi’s not at home (Hasi is a pet name for hare), collage of “chicken wire”, string, etc. shines in bright pop art colors and points – solved compositionally excellent – on innermost needs and desires of the people. Even here, on the one hand being locked up. The red symbolizes the desire – love, the thoughts and the ideas that force. The chicken wire refers to the confinement, to the limit, to the captivity. But also the point of desire is in a cage made of chicken wire. Caught at the place of dreams? Salomon-Schneider sees through the psyche of our days to it´s ground . He makes it clear through his work – points to its depths, without interpreting it or want to solve. Just that way makes his work so exciting and universal.

Aesthetic forms in safe, timely, visually appealing, Salomon-Schneider’s works can not miss unifying deeper meaning. The interpretation of the artist work includes the viewer interactively.

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