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Salomon-Schneider …. is no newcomer to the art scene of Bamberg – though he will have noticed perhaps by many for the first time as individual exhibitor in his studio. Born in 1952 in Bamberg, trained as a designer and as a graphic designer at Bayreuth and Würzburg, Salomon-Schneider was already in the 70s on the public. In Bamberg, he is known by the culturally interested audience through his exhibitions in Böttingerhaus, in the Palais Schrottenberg, the Michelsberger Pavilion. But also in wider area, his work won awards, so in Nuremberg, a video clip of his hand.

Single Copy


Two directions have influenced Salomon-Schneider, this is also evident in this exhibition: The Pop Art and Dada as well as the neo-Dadaist and neo-expressive tendencies of our time. As a graphic designer letters and words have a special meaning for him. In some pictures he processes the gestural art of the “new German savages” of the 80s such as Jörg Immendorff and Anselm Kiefer. With the addition of the written word Salomon-Schneider points beyond them. Finest example of this form of art in this exhibition is the image Encounter with Artaxerxes, which finds its meaning through writing. Succinctly, the lines are quoted from the Brockhaus of 1898. With this he differs from the many works of postmodernism, which are usually set without a title.



Show already Salomon-Schneider’s early works – here represented by the monumental collage Combination game – his interest in collage, in composing in different versions of the same forms, the infinitely variable design possibilities of individual elements, this trend grows in the recent years. Pictures, letters, words added, framed, interpreted, words taken from another context or distorted in reinterpreting phrases that appear together not because of the continuous sense, but because of the sound composed like. Here one is reminded of Dadaist onomatopoeia.

Curved Shape

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Collagenserie 1-10, 2016 – 2019

1-5 Acryl auf Papier auf Leinwand. 6-10 Acryl auf Leinwand. Schutzlackierung.

auf Basis folgender Zeitungen:

  1. Freie Presse + Vogtlandanzeiger – 2. Frankfurter Rundschau – 3. Leipziger Volkszeitung – 4. Berliner Zeitung – 5. Die Zeit – 6. Süddeutsche Zeitung – 7. Handelsblatt – 8. TAZ – 9. FAZ – 10. Kunstzeitung.

Serie 100, Auswahl. 2019/2020. Gouache auf Papier, div. Formate.

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