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Hans Salomon-Schneider
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Art? For me a form to express life, to be in living flow, a provocation, surprising moments, joy and satisfaction. Doubt and discontent, the knowledge about insufficiency, the new beginning, a journey without firm destination, joy of discovery, communication, exchange and a special pleasure, if there happens a deal with worthy estimation…


I like the slow working process in oil-painting, the viscous colour, which nevertheless reacts finest. However fast strokes of brush, ploughing and modeling the colour mass…



A certain severity, accuracy, building contrasts, expression, the aura and vibration of the graphic arts.



The singular-harmonious rhythm while placing small mosaic stones…



The bodily set in building plastics depending on material. The inclusion of space. The standpoint of the plastic and of the person, which considers it. The statement, relation, the creative play…